Our History

The Academy of Sporting Excellence, also known as ASE is an elite sports performance academy based in London. ASE moved into the world of football with immediate success, assisting young grassroots footballers progress from grassroots football. The unique academy training system  within the football program immediately facilitated over ten players being signed at pro academies including: Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham & Tottenham Hotspur.
ASE has become one of the country’s most successful centres for elite sports performers working with some of the country’s best athletes and footballers.  A leading Premiership Academy Director once quoted that, “Between the ages of 12 yrs-16 yrs Spanish, French and Italian players receive, twice as much hours on the ball than their English counterparts, those four years are critical he quotes, the most important years both physically and technically, making it difficult to catch up at 17 yrs-18 yrs.” to which we aim to help reduce the deficit of contact time improving their chances to progress to the next level.

Mission Statement

We at ASE aspire to create one of the most challenging yet supportive performance centres in the world. We are proud to be seen as part of our local area and recognise the vital part we play in improving the lives of young people associated with us. We are actively committed to upholding our standards, values and expectations and adhere to the Equality Act. We have zero tolerance approach to all forms of discrimination or harassment and will work to ensure that such behavior is met with the appropriate action.


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